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Re: battery... TPS calibration

>> Bike R1150 GS
>> How do I get to the battery 1) to check level 2) change battery?
>> I have done all the maintenance on my airheads but not on the GS and do
>> not have a manual at this time.  I do know how to get the seat off!
>> Thanks
>> Skipper
>> Albuquerque NM
>> 2001 R1150 GS
>> 1983 R80RT
>> 1981 R80G/S
> Whaddya mean your new?  Oh, you mean on the Oilheads list. : ))
> After you remove the seat, the battery is serviced by removing the
> right side cover, air cleaner cover and the air intake tube. Unscrew
> the fuel tank fasteners, raise the rear of the tank and block it up with a
> suitable piece of 2X4, disconnect the ground terminal first and then the
> positive terminal, slide the battery out. The next replacement battery
> should be a Panasonic LC X1220P AGM battery from Digikey. : )
> Mick
> Tucson

Right entirely. But for many machines after re-hitching the battery, you
need to re-set the TPS range by turning on the key switch (but not starting
the engine) and then giving the throttle two full-range cranks.

Given Bosch's secretive nature, not clear what dire consequences ensue if
you fail to perform this calibration (surging above 10,000 feet???).


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