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ST Hed-Liet

Don MacQueen, who owns many vehicles and likes to advertise, says:

>Seek professional help.....Get second opinion.

Bob Minor sez:

>If it were not for the headlight, college fund would be in jeapordy

Reid Ewing saeth:

>Designer type wife loves it.  I don't.

First, I'd like to retain Reid's designer type wife as my next shrink for the
second opinion.

Second, I was a little iffy on the headlight at first, but after seeing a
silver ST in real life, I'm sold completely on the looks.  It's just the long
reach to the low bars that puts me off.  I can hardly sit on the bike without
locking my elbows.   I can ride my Mille more comfortably..bars are about the
same height, but a little closer to the seat.

Risers will not be easy for ST.  It has clip-ons.   I bought a set of higher
clip-ons for my Mille.  The kit cost $500 and took forever to install.  I'm
sure no kit yet exists for the ST.

 Would have been a good idea for BMW to make higher clip-ons and fasten them
lower on the tubes so the owner could adjust things the way he wants.   I
can't see putting bags on that bike and riding it all week long the way it is.
The R1100S  is more comfortable.  The new K12S is much more comfortable.

Call me metro-sexual - I like the looks of the ST including the headlight and
tail light.  I think this bike will grow on us all and will be a trend setter.
In a few years, it won't even look strange to us.   Also like the looks of the
GS in any factory available color and also in black.   Some dealers have been
painting them because it's only two small easily removable panels.

The RT, which is probably the bike that really fills my needs best, is still
not growing on me.  I don't like the broken up look.   I'm going to check out
a dark graphite one tomorrow that just came in.   Hope it will look more
integrated because I really need this bike.   It will be a sad day if I jump
over to GS-land.   I'm also not fond of the wimpy looking grey on grey gages
on the RT.   At night, they light up a gorgeous orange like early 7 series
bimmers, but during the day, they look pretty cheezy to me.   The sound of
this bike also gives me pause.  What the 'ell were they thinkin' ?  GS idles
smooth and great.   RT idles like it's full of gravel or something.  Sounds
truly awful.

FYI:  Had dinner with the dealer and heard that there have already been plenty
o' crashes with the new K12S.  Crash parts on back order already.   Dealers
are being encouraged NOT to offer test rides on this bike.   Also heard that
it can lap the Nurburgring in well under 8 minutes...Lemans car territory.

- -TB