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Re: Head bolt re-torquing

 > I'd appreciate any information on re-torquing or the avoidance of same. It

There are two procedures, one for initial installation and another for
the 1000 km re-torque.   Otherwise leave the heads alone.   If the
head has been removed:

 1. Tighten *oiled* head nuts crosswize to 20 Nm
 2. Tighten crosswize an additional 90 degrees
 3. Tighten crosswize an additional 90 degrees
 4. Tighten the M 10 screw to 40 Nm
 5. Tighten the M 6 screw to 9 Nm

1000 km (600 miles) later the re-torque procedure is:

 1) Unfasten *one* nut
 2) Tighten nut to 20 Nm
 3) Tighten nut an additional 180 degrees
 4) repeat for other nuts in a crosswize pattern.
 5) Unfasten/retighten M 10 screw to 40 Nm

Pay attention to the wrench handle for the 90 degree and 180 degree angles.
Using a wratchet lets you start at 12 or 3 o'clock and then go for 1/4 or
1/2 turn as needed.

// marc