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Re: Head bolt re-torquing

In a message dated 4/8/05 9:22:54 PM Eastern  Standard Time, plpklt@xxxxxxx 
<<On previous boxers,   conscientious attentions to the head bolts and 
studs were  important.  Not so on the Oilheads where after the 600 mile  
nothing but neglect to  the whole dozen of them - except for  loosening two
studs for valve sideplay   adjustment.>>

Tom, you mention rocker arm sideplay.   will you please answer a quick 
question about that
I seem to have a lot more  noise from the valves on the right side.  I have 
long suspected limited  side play on the rocker arms.
When I check them they seem to be able to get  the min feeler gage in if I 
sort of lift up on the rocker arm, is this the  correct way to measure it or 
should I be able to get the feeler gage in with out  exerting any side force on 
the rocker arm?
Would too tight of clearence make  the valves noisy?
They are super quite until the bike get really warm and  then they sound like 
a slash 5. Which I didn't find all that appealing when I  actually owned a 

First, I was quoting  Ben Barkow with the excerpted section, the part 
following was my reply to Ben's  question. 

Nonetheless, I will reply to your question.  I do not use BMW's recommended 
end play figure for the rockers. I set them so  that they rotate freely and 
have no "feelable" up and down play. This takes some  practice to get. I think 
that if you can insert ANY feeler gauge in the space,  they are too loose, and 
will be noisy. If they are too TIGHT, they will be quiet  when cold, noisy as 
they heat up and start to bind. Idle control will also be  erratic. If they are 
too LOOSE, they will be noisy on startup and get louder as  the engine heats 
up, but idle will be smooth.

It ain't  rocket science. The important thing is to FULLY loosen the valve 
clearance  adjusters so that you can check the rocker rotation before making the 
clearance  adjustment.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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