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Georgia Mountain Rally Update


Just days to go!

The 15th annual Georgia Mountain Rally is scheduled this year from
Friday, April 29th through Sunday, May 1st at the Bald Mountain
Campground near Hiawassee, GA.  Details can be found at the BMW
Motorcycle Owners Of Georgia website at http://www.bmwmoga.org/ .  The
coordinates are listed on the web page, but the traditional "Presidential
Corner" below and to the left of the pavillion is at N34 53.289  W83
46.121 .  Be advised that motels in the area have raised their rates for
this weekend.  You could also camp early and stay late, but you will need
to pay the campground directly for any nights spent outside of the rally

As an added bonus, I designed this year's rally pins and t-shirt logo. 
I'm sure you'll like the design.  Buy lots of shirts, too.

At present, the forecast is for rain for the weekend.  That is subject to
change.  Be sure to pack your rain gear just in case, and as the Boy
Scout handbook says... "be sure to wear your rubbers".

When you register, please remember to list your virtual club as IBMWR

The BMW Motorcycle Owners Of Alabama, as part of the 2005 Rocket City
Rally, will be raffling a 2005 BMW 1150 Roadster (non-ABS).  Tickets are
$5.00 and I will have them available at the rally.  Ticket purchasers
need not be present to win.  The drawing will be during the Rocket City
(or the Great Chicken) Rally on Saturday, May 28th, 2005.

If you plan to attend, send your name and home city and state to me
offlist at RWMunday@xxxxxxxx .

Scheduled to attend as of 04/25/2005, including four Plateholders:

Tom Barnhart    Port St. Lucie, FL 
Ron Beckley    Gloucester, MA 
Jim Blalock    Pickens, SC 
Ed Buelsing    Cincinnati, OH 
Brian Burdette    Pleasant Hill, MO 
Karen Burdette    Pleasant Hill, MO    IBMWR Plateholder, Java Junkie
Dan Cool    Waynesboro, PA 
Alan Courtney    Lexington, SC 
Kay Courtney    Lexington, SC 
`Dancin` Dave Cwi    Indianapolis, IN    BMW ON Contributor
Mark Domlovil    Kalamazoo, MI    IBMWR Plateholder
Don Faichney    Port Hope, ON    The Kiltmeister, BMWMOA Ambassador
Frank Glamser    Hattiesburg, MS    IBMWR Plateholder
Don Hamblin    Madison, AL    BMWMOA Immediate Past President
Gary Harris    Ossining, NY 
Deb Hunt    Duncan, SC 
Greg Hunt    Duncan, SC 
Robert Jenkins    Columbia, SC 
Jason Kaplitz    Johnstown, PA 
Pete Lavengood    Gnaw Bone, IN 
Zach Leahy    Woodburn, IN 
Bob Malehorn    Mentor, OH 
George Mastovich    Pittsburgh, PA 
Jim Morrow    Union, MO 
Robert Munday    Montgomery, AL    IBMWR Plateholder, 2005 Pin Designer
David Peck    Stockbridge, MI 
Walker Powell    Westerville, OH    IBMWR T-Shirt Toadie 
Jim Puckett    Perryville, MO 
Ian Schmeisser    Atlanta, GA 
Gene Shirley    Horse Shoe, NC 
Julia Shirley    Horse Shoe, NC 
Denettee Sirota    Mentor, OH 
Bob Smith    Carthage, TX 
Judy Smith    Carthage, TX 
Helen TwoWheels    Ann Arbor, MI    The BEST Bag Lady

See you in the moutains.

Robert Munday...   Montgomery, AL    `98 R11CHP    `95 R1100RSL
Village Idiot    Rolling Broccoli Rider    BOOF #131    SR#2
Nebraska Nightriders    Big Sioux Riders    Indy BMW Club    
Beemer Hill Riders    EC Riders    Trustee, BMWMOA Foundation    
Keeper Of The List    *Iron Bunny*

Newest member of the CPAP Generation...


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