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Brake bleeder?

On my left front brake caliper (1999 R1100S, non-ABS) is an ordinary 
looking bleeder nipple and rubber cap.

But on my right caliper in the corresponding spot is a 1 inch long 
plastic cylinder about 7/16 in diameter. On the end of that cylinder 
(with the head sort of facing the gas tank) is  a small  phllips-head 
screw oriented down into the caliper, like into the hole where the 
bleeder hole would be, through the center of the cylinder.

What is this little cylinder? Is it used for bleeding the brakes 

BTW, both Spiegler (direct) and Galfer (through dealers) provide very 
appealing  after-market SS brake lines. Galfer has more threads in the 
sheathe and so is more supple but Spiegler is thinner which I rather 
like. There is also HEL but I don't know much about them. And there are 
lots of other sources depending on how fussy you are for color, size of 
hose, pressure or crimp fittings, price, etc. Besides doing the simple 
and non-critical length determination and eyeballing the banjo angle, 
all you need to know is that BMW/Magura/Brembo tend to use "10-1" 
fittings. In a pinch, almost any hydraulics store can fix you up.