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Re: Is everyone out riding?

Well John,  A lot of riding going on, that's for sure.  But there is 
another thing that has happened over the last year or so.  And that is 
that we all got our oil heads running really good.  So no real problems 
to report, or generate controversy.

I can offer some comment about my 1200GS, however.  This is a really 
good bike.  I am having to learn to love it like I loved the 1100RS, 
but I think it will become just as good for me with some more seat 
time.  or the first 600 mile break in period, the motor burned almost 
no oil.  Since then (now about 1500 miles), after every ride the oil is 
at the bottom of the glass.  I am pushing the motor more to finish ring 
seating, but am beginning to wonder if something was done at the 
service to cause this.  Bike runs good though, and is getting a solid 
46 mpg.  Or perhaps evan a bit more.

This weekend is my first camping  trip with the new bike.  That should 
be fun.  We'll see how much I can pack on the big back rack.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On May 5, 2005, at 8:43 AM, John.Veilleux@xxxxxx wrote:

> Wow, this list is sure quiet these days. The last digest I received was
> no. 103 on april 30. I received no. 104 today. Thought I got unsubbed 
> so I
> resubscribed. Got  notification that I was already subscribed.  I guess
> people on this list are actually out riding rather than talking about
> riding. :-)
> It's a beautiful day here. Wish I could be out on my RT instead of 
> here at
> work.
> John Veilleux
> St.Bruno, Quebec
> 02 R1150RT