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RE: Is Everyone Out Riding

Mark Barr observed:

> I have been staying away from the dealers as I have been very
> tempted ride one of these new bikes.

I spent several hours at a dealership (A&S Powersports, Roseville, CA) a
couple days ago, waiting for them to do brake annual, clutch flush and to
replace leaking transmission & final drive bearings & seals on my Roadster,
and got a good long look at the new bikes.  Like Mark, I didn't dare ride
them; this way madness lies.  They had no fewer than four K1200S's on the
floor;  if you want one in red, blue or silver, you can just ride it away.
What everyone wants, though, is the blue & white.  They had one, but it was
already sold, and more in that scheme have been ordered for customers.  I
must admit that it's an attractive scheme, but I wasn't that wowed.

The big surprise was the R1200ST, which looks so bizarre in photos, and Just
Right in person.  They had several.  They only had one RT, but I don't know
if that's because they didn't get many or if they're the brisk seller.  And,
of course, at least seven or eight of the GS's in various states of dress.
One was especially striking in a black and deep red scheme, with matching
red cast wheels.  I'd never consider buying one like that, but it was
interesting as a design exercise.

I was a bit disappointed that the K1200S sounds pretty much like any other
four-cylinder sportbike.  I don't know what I'd expected, but I'd hoped for
something at least a little distinctive.  The new R-bikes, though, are very
tempting indeed.

	- Martin
- --
Martin Lodahl of Auburn, CA
UNIX Pro, Motorcyclist, Musician, etc.