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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #107

On Sat, May 07, 2005 at 11:14:27AM +0200, Clive Liddell wrote:
> Interesting.   The Mercedes fuel level gauge also runs from ~3.3 to 85.5

That is very similar to the oilhead sender. I measured it as 3 ohms
full to 80 ohms empty using the 1kohm range on a cheap multimeter.

> Now thinking about the BMW "top bars":  If the contact to potentiometer is
> bad at the top would that not cause intermittent display unless the added
> resistance is very stable?  Are there no additional connectors in the tank

It seemed to be a very thin, even layer of residue, so I could well
believe that the added resistance was stable.

> that may have been reseated at the same time?

The trouble with such a low resistance used as a signal is that it
doesn't take much corrosion to change it, but I had thoroughly
cleaned the connectors for the tank and RID beforehand without any
results. I do seem to recall reading about someone who had managed
to fix the problem on his bike by simply cleaning the connectors,

> BTW is there a new O-ring needed when R&R the gauge sender?

It is possible to reuse the big o-ring for the tank armature, but in
my case the old o-ring, while undamaged, had lost much of its
flexibility, so replacing it seemed like a good idea.

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