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Re: Is Everyone Out Riding

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<<From: "Tom Brown" <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Is Everyone Out Riding?

You want list fodder?  Here's some list fodder....

I have recently divested myself of one Twin-Spark '04 R1150RT through private
sale and purchased a brand new out of the crate '05 R1200RT in dark graphite
with dark lowers.    I got the computer thing, heated seats, no radio, no
remote control suspension and ordered up the small top case, which came in,
but has no locks-- back ordered.>>


Great report on the new R1200RT.

I have been staying away from the dealers as I have been very tempted ride 
one of these new bikes.
The main thing that keeps me from selling my R1100RT is that the new RT bikes 
don't have the dash board heat vents that the 1100 RT has....... well, maybe 
they are warm air vents .............or even cold air vents <G>.

I think that these heat vents were designed by the same person that designed 
the heating system on the VW Micro bus.

However, enjoy your new ride.


Mark Barr
New Britain, PA
99 R11RT