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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #107


> Now thinking about the BMW "top bars":  If the contact to potentiometer is
> bad at the top would that not cause intermittent display unless the added
> resistance is very stable?  Are there no additional connectors in the tank
> that may have been reseated at the same time?

> BTW is there a new O-ring needed when R&R the gauge sender?

My theory is that the upper portion sloshes around more instead of being 
submerged in the fuel allowing the upper protion to get coated easier. 
Oxygenated fuels in big cities have a lot of side effects and this may be 
one.  Another thought is that the sender may work from the bottom on this 
fuel gage...less resistance at lower fuel levels instead of more, like your 
Merc....dunno because I've only had the fuel sender on my old BMW 2002 tii 

- -TB