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>The main thing that keeps me from selling my R1100RT is that the new RT bikes
don't have the dash board heat vents that the 1100 RT has....... well, maybe
they are warm air vents .............or even cold air vents <G>.

Actually, BMW has been getting some flak for the new mirrors on the 1200RT.
They do reflect a lot of the backs of your gloves at the top.  The plus side
of this equation is that they really keep your hands out of the wind well.
Much more effective than the Micro-Bus heating system.

>I think that these heat vents were designed by the same person that designed
the heating system on the VW Micro bus.

That guy's long gone.  I think this must have been his son or daughter or
nephew.  Long live wacky german engineers!  I've savored their folly for more
than two decades now and I'm still fascinated.

- -TB