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RE: Oil Burning (now: How to take oil readings)


I've pasted the email on taking oil readings at the bottom. The thread went
on for quite a while with many private replies so I sent out the attached

Seattle Dan
05 R1200GS 		(for keeps)
02 VFR800 ABS 	(for sale)
02 KTM Duke II 	(for sale)

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I'll bundle the reply to plpklt, Andrew and Seattle Dan into one.


Seattle Dan, I would be interested in the micapeak guys conclusions 
about oil checking if it's something you can send my way.  Thanks

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

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Thanks Clay!

I'll do a reply all at this point... about 6 folks have said the same as
what you said though most have added their own "voodoo ritual steps" in
between. I'll sum it up as:

1) Ride the bike until warm
2) Let it sit on the SIDE stand for 30 or so minutes
3) Put in on the centre stand for 30 or so minutes
4) Fill as needed knowing that center to top of circle is within reason.

Anything else results is likely to result is overfill... and I'm not the
first to find this one out the hard way.

The most common culprit cited was the oil cooler -- using the side stand
will let it drain and because it holds quite a bit of oil. I take this to
explain where my missing 1/4 quart or so :) 

I'll try this tonight to see if I added too much last night.

Thanks all!

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Subject: RE: Mystery oil levels on R1200GS
Subject: Mystery oil levels on R1200GS

Nothing critical, but I'm very curious about this one....

What's the mystery on the accuracy of the level glass on the 12GS? I find
that the levels vary so much from start to start. The problem is that some
days I'll stop the bike and it needs 250ml. Next day it's a bit over the top
of the sight glass; day after it's at 3/4s, etc. 
time I top it off. I'm just trying to do so with a modicum of accuracy.

Anyway, is there anyone out there with a better metal picture than I about
how the BMW crankcase area set up, etc such that they can explain this
migration of oil? 


If the 1200 is anything like the 1150 GS you are the victim of the
disappearing/reappearing oil level syndrome. It drove me crazy on my new
1150, hitchhiking to buy oil, them draining excess oil out the next minute.

What you do is after a ride and the bike is warmed up, leave it on the
sidestand for an hour or so, the oil will drain into the pan. Then put it on
the centerstand and wait an hour or so, then check. You should then have the
correct oil level. (First, double check your manual but if is like the 1150
GS manual, it won't probably mention this technique)

Warning.....if the new 1200 is different, someone please correct me!!!!!!