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Re: Oil Burning Cont.

I'll bundle the reply to plpklt, Andrew and Seattle Dan into one.

The bike turned 2000 miles yesterday during the ride.  The first 500 
were easy per the book as I tried to stay within 4000 rpm.  No lugging 
though.  Burned very little oil during that period.  After the 600 mile 
service, I felt it was time to get on it a bit, so have been running 
per my normal style.  This is running up to say 5500 rpm or so to shift 
up and cruising around 4000 or so.  Occasional runs up to 6+k but I 
haven't red lined the motor yet.

The tail pipe is clean.  No soot build up to speak of.  There are no 
leaks.  Checked the air box last night.  Did you see the drain hose 
(actually a breather hose I suppose) on the left side going back to the 
valve cover area?  That hose is wet from oil.  The box is wet in the 
bottom, but nothing collected.  The filter is completely dry.  I don't 
think any of that is abnormal.

I think plpklt's stronger break in is probably the way to go on these 
motors.  Will know in the next 1000 miles or so if the oil consumption 
goes down.  I guess the plan is to get on it more rather than less, to 
get the rings to seat.

Seattle Dan, I would be interested in the micapeak guys conclusions 
about oil checking if it's something you can send my way.  Thanks

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27
On May 8, 2005, at 11:38 PM, Seattle Dan wrote:

> He Bob,
> You didn't say if these 500mi were part of your initial break-in miles 
> or
> not. I'll assume they were early miles.
> Call me a freak if you'd like <grin>, but I've been tracking oil 
> consumption
> so that I know when to switch over to synthetic. I rode my first 600mi 
> @
> less than 4k rpm per manual... to plpklt's point about breaking in 
> easy vs
> hard -- this is an easy break-in data set.  My oil consumption is 
> dropping
> slowly per the below data:
> 20-Mar-05	 668mi 	 0.400 litre	125 ml/100mi
> 			.. oil change..
> 27-Apr-05	 1,664mi 	 0.310 litre 	100 ml/100mi
> 27-Apr-05	 2,048mi 	 0.300 litre 	 78 ml/100mi
> Doing the math to your 500mi ride, my logs show result in:
> First 1000 miles on bike = 21oz/500mi
> Next 1000 miles on bike = 17oz/500mi
> And no, I don't have any oil in my air box (usual suspect for high oil
> consumption due to overfill). On this note, there was a great thread of
> recent on bmw-gs@xxxxxxxxxxxx as to how to properly measure your oil 
> on a
> BMW/12GS so as to get repeatable results. Let me know if anyone would 
> like
> me to forward the conclusions.
> May there be power is numbers... at least one other bike out there is
> sucking up lots of oil too :)
> Cheers,
> Seattle Dan
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> Returned today from a weekend camp out.  Total miles 500.  Burned 20
> oz. of oil.  That's 5/8 quart.  Relative to our recent discussion about
> break in oil useage, it that excessive for a hex head?
> Bob Hadden '05R12S, '62R27