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RE: Oil Burning Cont.

Just curious...  For those of us who do have a fair amount of soot buildup,
what is the wisdom of the list how the best way to make the tail pipe nice
and shiny again without doing more damage?

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Returned today from a weekend camp out. Total miles 500. Burned 20 oz. of
oil. That's 5/8 quart. Relative to our recent discussion about break in oil
useage, it that excessive for a hex head?

Bob Hadden '05R12S, '62R27

That isn't excessive according to the manufacture.  I think I read they
allow 1.7 Liter per 1,000 miles if I remember the manual correctly, which I
thought was excessive.   I know I just came back from 1,000 mile trip and
with 1800 miles on the bike (R12Gs)  I used only about 2 Oz of oil.  I rode
it hard at mostly 80.  I was actually quite supirsed and pleased.  The bike
was a demo with 250 miles when I got it, so I suspect it was ridden a little
harder than the average person would do while breaking it in, but they were
also short trips so probably not a bad way to break it in, plus they knocked
off a good dit on the price.

How are you riding the bike?  are you leaking any place?  Is your tail pipe
black? ( I mean the bike not your tail pipe personally) I would think with
that kind of oil usage I would suspect that you would have a lot of soot
build up.

Anyway, check the manual, I am sure it is in there, but I can't find mine
right now or I would fact check it...