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Re: Starter noise

Fred,  My brother had starter troubles with is '97RS, but they were in 
the motor.  I just want to alert you to the fact that there are other 
starter options should you decide to replace the starter.  He got a 
unit at about half the price of the OEM, and it's a better starter.  If 
you need details just post and I'll get the source for you.

Sounds to me like your starter just needs a lube job on the engaging 
slide, but I have never had one of these off of the bike to know what 
it looks like.

Bob Hadden

On May 13, 2005, at 8:10 AM, Frederick Huganir wrote:

> All:
> On my '02 R1150R with 37,000 miles (shortly after the warranty 
> expires!), my
> starter seems to hesitate in disengaging from the flywheel after the 
> engines
> starts.  There are two or three metallic noises as the engine fires.  
> I am
> removing the starter and solenoid from the engine for the first time, 
> and I
> hope there are only the two visible bolts and not another bolt hidden 
> between
> the starter and the engine.  I plan to bench test the solenoid, which 
> I expect
> works, and clean and lubricate surfaces that might cause drag.
> Has anyone had the same symptoms and already has the solution?  Thanks.
> Fred
> Carlisle, PA USA