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Re: Starter noise

At 08:10 AM 5/13/2005 -0400, Frederick Huganir wrote:
>On my '02 R1150R with 37,000 miles (shortly after the warranty expires!), my
>starter seems to hesitate in disengaging from the flywheel after the engines
>starts.  There are two or three metallic noises as the engine fires.  I am
>removing the starter and solenoid from the engine for the first time, and I
>hope there are only the two visible bolts and not another bolt hidden between
>the starter and the engine.  I plan to bench test the solenoid, which I expect
>works, and clean and lubricate surfaces that might cause drag.
>Has anyone had the same symptoms and already has the solution?  Thanks.
>Carlisle, PA USA

   Here is a good link for you to read: