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Re: decals

You know that nifty label on you tank that says your bike has power brakes but not when the motor is running.   It is obviously put there by a lawyer... so I decicded to take mine off.  I knew  it had baked in the sun while sitting as a demo in Daytona... so I wasn't too suprised when it  was stuck pretty good.  I had tried to peel it off once and only managed to chip the corner and make it look crappy so it had to come off.
I figured with a little heat I could loosen one corner and get it to peel right off... Oh sooooo wrong.  Aparently the little German Lawyer is too smart to let you make a decision like that of peeling the crap lables off your own bike.  The label is an ultra- thin, Ultra fragile plastic/foil type material.  It took about an hour and a half of fingernail work, hair dryer and mineral sprits to take it off and I never got a piece off bigger than a Comma ,  ( well a fat comma maybe)
The good thing is I did get it off and the tank looks much better with out it, plus I don't have to worry about wax build up around it...
The point of this is that if you have a new bike and want the labels off, do it quickly  or learm to love them.  Does anyone have a secret and effective way of getting these damn things off?