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Bug & Tar Remover

Get a can of body prep solvent.  Best stuff I've ever used.   Much quicker and
better than my bug and tar remover.   You don't leave this stuff on for 5
minutes.  Stuff comes off almost instantly.  It's never damaged the paint, but
I'm careful to wipe with a clean rag then use a lot of detailer spray after I
use it.

Close the lid right away.  It evaporates quickly.   You get this at a body
shop supply place.   Not available on retail shelves.  I have a quart can of
it that's lasted 15 years.   Great for the odd bit that nothing else will work

For exhaust, though, simichrome polish is really the best.   Takes it right
off and shines it.   I got my tube of that stuff when I used to have a Porsche
911.  It was an '83, so I'm guessing that was '89 or '90.   The little tube is
still nearly full.  Doesn't take much.

- -TB