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Re: Starter noise

In a message dated 5/13/05 8:09:20 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
fredh@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<On my '02 R1150R with  37,000 miles (shortly after the warranty expires!), 
starter seems to  hesitate in disengaging from the flywheel after the engines
starts.   There are two or three metallic noises as the engine fires.  I  am
removing the starter and solenoid from the engine for the first time, and  I
hope there are only the two visible bolts and not another bolt hidden  between
the starter and the engine.  I plan to bench test the solenoid,  which I 
works, and clean and lubricate surfaces that might cause  drag.

Has anyone had the same symptoms and already has the  solution?  Thanks.

Carlisle, PA  USA>>

Sounds like classic Valeo Starter failure,  where the field magnets come 
unglued from the housing and try to spin with the  armature. Remove the armature 
and inspect the field magnets.

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA
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