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Re: Oil Burning Cont.

In a message dated 5/11/05 9:46:28 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
My  understanding of seating  rings involves cyclical loading and lighter
loading with cool-off  periods.
That's what I do.  Steady state riding on the slab makes this  more

Having said that, I don't know how essential this is  after the first several
hundred miles from new.
I'd be curious to know  what someone like Tom C thinks ie real world
observations on Boxers.
Plus,  he has an R1100S.>>

In a nutshell, keep the RPM and throttle  loading low for the first 600 miles 
or so, then flog the snot out of it. The  more load, the better the rings 

I ran my R1100S 2200 miles in the  last 6 days, less than 200 miles on slab 
of any type. Much of the miles were  with the pegs dragging, HARD throttle 
on/off, in the Deals Gap area of NC/TN and  the Blue RIdge Parkway area. Used 
about 400 cc of oil. The bike just rolled over  40,000 miles, and uses less oil, 
and runs smoother with better torque and peak  power than at any time since 

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA
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