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Re: Starter noise


I inquired about solenoids for sale from EuroMotorelectrics, and got a reply
from John Rayski at EuroMotorelectrics, who kindly said:

"The DRA75 starter on your 2002 BMW R1150R is mounted on by two bolts; both
easy to access.  It is possible you may have a sluggish solenoid switch
pull-in / throw-out function.  Yes, I have new solenoids for your starter
available, D6RA-SOL2.  A little hi-temp lithium grease on the solenoid
plunger may resolve this.  Another potential problem may be the epicycloidal
gear reduction / track mechanism is making noise."

It was a Valeo, as he predicted.  I removed the casting over the gear
assembly and then the solenoid and cleaned them up, inside and out.  The
culprit seemed to be a thick paste of grit on the (beveled?) spines of the
shaft from starter motor (I don't know my starter terminology here), so I
squirted some WD40 on the splines.  It suddenly began to move freely as the
dirty paste dissolved, so I wiped it clean as I slid it back and forth.  I
put a touch of lithium grease on that, and on the bearing at the end.  It
all went back together.  No more noise!  If it reoccurs and I need parts,
I'll give EuroMotorelectrics my business.

Starter motors are powerful, but it and the solenoid were having trouble
overcoming this build-up of grit after the engine started.  I'm glad I
cleaned it out now.  Now I just wonder if I ever saw the "epicycloidal gear
reduction / track mechanism" when I had this unit partially disassembled.