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BMW bikes highly profiled in another magazine

Hello all,

BMW Motorrad was highly praised in Cycle Canada magazine, a publication that
is known for its fair and accurate journalism that also lacks the typical
hyperbole that you read in other mags. An overview of BMW presence in the May
2005 issue is as follows:

o Front cover: A silver R1200RT takes up the full cover in a 15' off-center
   head view with the title "The Artful RT. The new Boxer arrives like a
   champion." Two other bikes get minimal mention on the cover,
   accompanied by only one other small bike photo.

o Page 8: 1/2 page photo of the K1200S in an article titled "Rapid Change
   at BMW. Major revisions made to production K1200S models."
   The article talks about the unprecedented major engine change made to
   the K1200S between early press models, and the bike that finally
   appeared in showrooms. While BMW's claim of "camshaft hardness"
   issues is what was provided, insiders reveal "problems with low speed
   running" (AKA surging?) that required a redesign of the combustion
   chamber and another round of testing. A new crankcase also appeared
   on production bikes.
      The BMW Power Cup replaces the Boxer Cup as a "support event" in
   European MotoGP rounds. K1200R is scheduled for delivery in Canada in
   June. A new K1200GT has been spotted on public roads in Spain.
   Speculation of a liquid-cooled V-twin abounds from the BMW/Aprillia

o Pages 24 -30 (-1 for a unrelated ad): Press Launch for R1200RT and
   R1200RS. Nice pics include a full-page RT shot. The RT is credited for
   being able to go head-to-head against the best tourers, like the
   ST1300 and FRJ1300, and come out ahead in some aspects. Top
   marks are earned. The ST gets a mixed review for its controversially
   styled face, and its questionable placement in the BMW lineup of
   motorcycles. Not quite a replacement for either the R1100S or the

o Full Page R1200RT ad on page 13

You can visit Cycle Canada on the 'Net at http://www.cyclecanadamagazine.net/

I have no affiliations with the magazine.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada