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Re: [BMWMc] BMW bikes highly profiled in another magazine

<< http://www.cyclecanadamagazine.net/ >>

Steve, you might also take a look at the June issue of Cycle World which does 
a bang up job as well walking us through what BMW has planned with spy pics 
and news of the upcoming vertical twins [take the new K engine and cut it in 
half and add a belt drive].   Some of this ground covered in the RA Club 
magazine too.

By the way, Cycle Canada's web site is great with nice screen savers etc etc. 
 And for the US guys who are metric challenged it even has "converters".  

You going to the Blue Nose Rally in July?   A Raiders For A Day group is 
blasting out of Baltimore and we will see you there!

www.mileageslaves.com.   log in.   track your miles for AMA or BMW Long Rider 
awards.   Create a personal contest or not   National Events listing.   Great 
roads list in process.  For clubs helping crashed riders, riderTorider.com