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Re: decals

What kind of a bike was the original poster (plpklt@xxxxxxx) dealing with? I ask because I had the same problem with the ABS decal on the tank of my R1200GS. It was far worse than any other decal that I've removed on numerous bikes over the past 28 years. plpklt's description was about right. I haven't tried GooGone on this particular application, but one thing I can offer to anyone trying this is to use the edge of one of those fake credit cards that are in junk mail these days to do the scraping instead of your fingernail. It saves a little wear and tear on the old bod. 

Bob, It was a R12GS... maybe they have the sticker thingy even better on that bike ,  You know one of the "improvements"  They probably are not baking it on.  If they wanted it to be on there permenantly they could have put it on under the clear coat...