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Re: decals

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Sent: Sun, 15 May 2005 09:46:45 -0400
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Steve Makohin wrote: 
> I suggested this to the list before, but some members disagreed: I > have used a product called Goo-Gone with success. Take a piece of > paper towel soaked in Goo-Gone and place it on the sticker, letting > gravity and capillary action do its work. I also place a sheet of > plastic wrap over the piece of towel to slow evaporation. Let it soak > for 15 minutes or so. This loosens the edges of the sticker so you can > use a finger nail to start removing it. It still peeled off in bits, > but it was coming off a lot easier than drying to do it dry. When you > get to the point that the peeling becomes stubborn again, repeat the > soaking process. When the sticker is removed, it will leave behind a > gooey substance. Once again, do the Goo-Gone soak for 15 minutes, and > then easily wipe the gummy gunk away. Reapply and soak Goo-Gone as > required. 
I've never been a fan of Goo-gone but otheres seem to rave about it...It always seemed to not work or work too slow for me but I think my Micro-wave could work a little faster too... can you turbo charge one?
Your Idea, Steve of covering it with plastic wrap is great , It is now a new tool in my bag of tricks... how can one live so long and not think of all the good ideas themselves.  I'm sure that even mineral spirts with the soaking trick you mentioned would have been an improvement.