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SS brake line mod report

In connection with moving from low bars to high bars on an R1100S, 
non-ABS, 1999, I ordered Spiegler brake lines. Here's some comment 
about the installation and about Spiegler.

When you're done with brake lines, nothing seems simpler in retrospect. 
SS lines available in many places and easy to make your own with 
pressure connectors and odds and ends from Dennis Kirk. The only thing 
you need to know (and not widely known) is that BMW, Magura, and Brembo 
are pretty much 10-1 thread for bolts and bleeders and over the years. 
Don't exceed maybe 6 footpounds torque anywhere (or just strong hand 
force with short wrenches; best to error on loose side (no kidding) and 
if you have some leaking, then tighten more). I say this because with 
fresh crush washers, you are unlikely to have leaking - on the other 
hand, stripping those threads is no fun.

Brembo calipers bleed very well if you work carefully; Mityvac not 
needed; maybe even done just on the first round if you work slowly, 
compress the pistons, etc. My hoses were self-bleeding into the MC but 
took about a day. After that, I found an interesting shortcoming: very 
taut brakes. The brakes go quite taut just a half inch (after the end 
of the lever) past the brake switch point which is rather far from the 
grip! Of course, we are talking about total braking with two fingers, 
so much really much of a problem. Opinions differ, but I find SS lines 
rather tauter than rubber. For sure they look better, weigh less, route 
smarter than the weird stock run, make brake work easier (longer lines 
at the caliper end), and bleed easier (with two lines direct to the 
MC). Did I mention look really nice.. esp in black?

i chose Spielger because their lines are very lightly larger than those 
very neat clutch hoses. For a few bucks you can get all black. The 
fittings rotate using their special supplied vice accessory (hint: 
don't tighten vice much and have a good sharp 7 mm wrench on hand) - 
very nice to twist the fittings so the line lay is joooost right.

Spiegler was four days later than promised (two days from phone order 
placement) in posting due so some semi-lane excuse. But their bits and 
pieces were very nice indeed and they are nice folks... esp since they 
were at work on Saturday when I called, steam coming from my ears,  

The double banjo bolt for the MC was TOO LONG. It doesn't take much 
imagination to know what very expensive catastrophe I was already 
partly into as this fact finally dawned on me. Not a critical issue 
(when forewarned) and easy enough to cut the very nice aluminum bolt to 

Part of the challenge is removing the various stock bits, esp the 
only-to-BMW trick bleeder on one caliper. Too much damn blue Loctite 
The Factory. When young, I used Loctite here and there, now I use 
anti-seize everywhere.