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The Art Of Motorcycle (posted on behalf of Rob Silas)


[This message is posted on behalf of Bob Silas, who is having some issues 
posting to the list]


I agree 100%, the show is a lifetime experience, I saw it in New York in 

I just saw the MEGOLA again in Munich, Germany, at the end of April.  This 
is the bike which has its 5 cylinders built into the front wheel, among the 
spokes.  The MEGOLA was one of the most intriguing items in the show.  The 
late Ken Ahrweiler rebuilt one in the sixties.  We became friends on that 
subject, he had photos of all parts and I wrote an article on his 
restoration which was published in 6 pages in the Hungarian "Veteran Auto 
and Motor" magazine in Dec. 2002.

For anybody interested in vintage bikes, the show it's a "must see".
Bob Silas