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Re: A question on rear tire fitment

Look again, ask again. There is an 18 inch version of ME880, the dealer in Montreal wanted to sell me a set for my '94 RS.  The dealer is: MOTO INTERNATIONAL, mainly BMW and Harley, tel: 514-483-3400 for BMWs and 514-483-6686 for other bikes.
My friend bought a set for his GS; on my RS I used BT-020 for our "cross the country" trip last year.  The ME880 looked hardly used, after about 11,000 miles (not km).  The rear tire wore out sooner.  I was advised not use those tires on an RS.
Bob Silas

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  There is a rear wheel on ebay for an R11S (5" rim). A 17" incher would give 
  me some options for my '94 RS that I don't have with the 18" stock rim (I'd 
  like to be able to use a Metlzer ME880 in the upcoming Iron Butt Rally, but there 
  isn't a bias version in an 18" size)

  Would a rim for the R11S fit on a '94 RS without causing undue distress?

  Geoffrey Greene
  Knoxville, Tennessee