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Re: A question on rear tire fitment

In a message dated 5/19/05 11:41:22 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
RSRiding@xxxxxxx writes:

<<There is a rear wheel on ebay for an R11S (5" rim). A 17" incher  would 
me some options for my '94 RS that I don't have with the 18"  stock rim (I'd 
like to be able to use a Metlzer ME880 in the upcoming Iron  Butt Rally, but 
isn't a bias version in an 18" size)

Would a  rim for the R11S fit on a '94 RS without causing undue  distress?>>

I don't think so. I happen to  have a 96 K1100RS and a 2000 R1100S parked in 
my shop right now, so I went and  looked at them.
    The '94 RS mounts the disc on the rear drive ring  gear, the R11S mounts 
the disc and ABS sensor ring on the wheel. The hub  configuration is also 

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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