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Re: A question on rear tire fitment

At 11:25 PM 5/19/2005 -0400, RSRiding@xxxxxxx wrote:
>There is a rear wheel on ebay for an R11S (5" rim). A 17" incher would give
>me some options for my '94 RS that I don't have with the 18" stock rim (I'd
>like to be able to use a Metlzer ME880 in the upcoming Iron Butt Rally, 
>but there
>isn't a bias version in an 18" size)
>Would a rim for the R11S fit on a '94 RS without causing undue distress?
>Geoffrey Greene
>Knoxville, Tennessee

   You need the rear 5" wheel off of an early K1200RS (this is what I use on
my '96 R11RT) or one from an early K1200LT.  I too like running the ME-880
bias ply tires and this is exactly why I switched.  I think I paid $175 for 
rear wheel, watch ibmwr.org/marketplace and ebay.
   I'm running the 120X70X17 front and 160X70X17 rear ME-880s