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Re: 2001 1100R power loss

While it is possible that the ignition switch is failing, especially if 
that was one of the things you fiddled with, the more likely culprit is 
the sidestand safety switch.  This connects to the main harness at a 
plug along the frame rail, under the seat on the left side just forward 
of the fuse box.  BMW auto part # 61-12-1-459-998 is a jumpered plug to 
fit this connector.  You might pick one up and next time it acts up, 
install the jumper and see if that fixes the problem.  If so, you can 
then decide whether to replace the sidestand switch or if you'd rather 
take the chance that you won't forget to put the stand up and leave it 
jumpered.  The odd thing is I didn't think the power outlet was 
switched, so if that wasn't working, it would be something else, not 
sure where to tell you to look other than battery connections.

Davis Eichelberger

Toby Berk wrote:

> I have a recently acquired 2001 R1100R which has twice experienced a 
> total power loss, even the powerlet outlet.  Both time I was stopped 
> with the engine ogg, and both times the power eventually came back 
> while I fiddled with the stands, etc.
> Any explanation and/or way to fix it?
> Tia.,
> Toby
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