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Re: 2001 1100R power loss

I don't think it is the sidestand switch because I didn't get indicator
lights, headlights, or powerlet -- none of which are controlled by the
sidestand switch.  The powerlet isn't controlled by the ignition switch

I recall having read some discussion of a problem like this, but don't
remember any details.



Davis Eichelberger wrote:
> While it is possible that the ignition switch is failing, especially if 
> that was one of the things you fiddled with, the more likely culprit is 
> the sidestand safety switch.  This connects to the main harness at a 
> plug along the frame rail, under the seat on the left side just forward 
> of the fuse box.  BMW auto part # 61-12-1-459-998 is a jumpered plug to 
> fit this connector.  You might pick one up and next time it acts up, 
> install the jumper and see if that fixes the problem.  If so, you can 
> then decide whether to replace the sidestand switch or if you'd rather 
> take the chance that you won't forget to put the stand up and leave it 
> jumpered.  The odd thing is I didn't think the power outlet was 
> switched, so if that wasn't working, it would be something else, not 
> sure where to tell you to look other than battery connections.
> Davis Eichelberger
> Toby Berk wrote:
>> I have a recently acquired 2001 R1100R which has twice experienced a 
>> total power loss, even the powerlet outlet.  Both time I was stopped 
>> with the engine off, and both times the power eventually came back 
>> while I fiddled with the stands, etc.
>> Any explanation and/or way to fix it?
>> Tia.,
>> Toby
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