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RE: mounting head protectors on R1100

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> Subject: mounting head protectors on R1100
> The guard mount at 3 points:  one of the bolts that holds the 
> cam sprocket cover on, 

I have these guards on my '96 R1100R, and, on mine, this first bolt you
mention goes under the cam cover, but does not share a bolt with it.
Did they change that on the later R1100's?  Is there a bolt/hole just
below the cam cover on yours? 

> an unused (on my bike) threaded hole 
> below the cylinder, and an allen bolt that goes into the head 
> just outside the exhaust header.
> It is the last one that I'm asking about.  What does it do?  
> Can I unscrew it, mount the head guard, and retighten it 
> without anything coming loose inside?  

Yes.  You have to take them off to to do the valve adjustments, and I
have had them off with no ill effects.  

> I can't find it on the 
> on-line parts fiche or the diagrams in the CD service manual.

If you'd like I can take pics of them and email them to you (off-line of
course ;-).

FWIW (which ain't much),