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RE: mounting head protectors on R1100

Toby - I also have a 2001 R1100R with the valve cover protectors.
I have the chrome valve covers and several other owners mentioned
That the protectors will not fit over the valve covers.
I got mine to fit - it's a very tight fit and 2 of the bolts are 
Some what cross threaded but they still hold the cover securely but 
They do not seat all the way.  Another thing to be aware of is the
Bolts that hold the valve cover on are hex head bolts not allen head.

I made the mistake of using an allen wrench on them which was a little 
Loose and ended up ruining the head on one of the bolts which was a pain
To get out.

Bill Beers
Danville, CA
2001 R1100R 

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Subject: mounting head protectors on R1100

I bought a used set of head protectors on ebay for my R1100R and they came
without hardware or instructions.  They are the BMW plastic type that go
over the bottom of the valve covers.

It seems obvious and I have gotten the allen bolts I need, but I have one

The guard mount at 3 points:  one of the bolts that holds the cam sprocket
cover on, an unused (on my bike) threaded hole below the cylinder, and an
allen bolt that goes into the head just outside the exhaust header.

It is the last one that I'm asking about.  What does it do?  Can I unscrew
it, mount the head guard, and retighten it without anything coming loose
inside?  I can't find it on the on-line parts fiche or the diagrams in the
CD service manual.


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'76 R60/6, '87 R80, '01 R1100R.  Wife's '78 R80/7 and
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