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Re: mounting head protectors on R1100

Mine also has chrome valve covers and I have just come to realize that I 
would have to do a little "redesign" with a half-round file or something 
and also remove some or all of the rubber bumpers to make them fit.  I'm 
not sure if it will be worth it.


William Beers wrote:
> Toby - I also have a 2001 R1100R with the valve cover protectors.
> I have the chrome valve covers and several other owners mentioned
> That the protectors will not fit over the valve covers.
> I got mine to fit - it's a very tight fit and 2 of the bolts are 
> Some what cross threaded but they still hold the cover securely but 
> They do not seat all the way.  

> Toby
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> '76 R60/6, '87 R80, '01 R1100R.  Wife's '78 R80/7 and
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