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Re: New Bike Itch

At 10:59 AM -0500 5/31/05, Tom Brown wrote:
>GS is a terrific bike.  Aeroflow is coming out with a full coverage windscreen
>for it soon.   Make sure you save a few extra bucks for that and some good
>bags.  The BMW ones have this telescoping feature which is kind of good for
>emergencies and for sticking a helmet in while you're parked, but I wouldn't
>pack for a trip with those things sticking out like that. Spoked wheels are
>heavier than the alloy ones and cost $500 extra.  Not a good deal unless
>you're a dirt rider...in that case, buy a lightweight dirt bike and a trailer,
>not a GS.

Ride out here on SF Bay Area roads (recently rated amongst the worst 
in the country) and you'll be glad for the incredibly stronger spoked 
wheels. Gaping potholes are a daily issue on freeways, highways, 
local roads, and ramps. Plus, with spokes, the wheels hold up better 
when you need to hop onto the sidewalk to get around stopped traffic 

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- - "Moto per Mangiare, Mangiare per Moto"