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Re: New Bike Itch

andrew johnson writes:
 > Ride out here on SF Bay Area roads (recently rated amongst the worst 
 > in the country) and you'll be glad for the incredibly stronger spoked 
 > wheels. Gaping potholes are a daily issue on freeways, highways, 
 > local roads, and ramps. Plus, with spokes, the wheels hold up better 
 > when you need to hop onto the sidewalk to get around stopped traffic 
 > ;-)

The regular wheels are good enough for even SF Bay Area roads and curbs.
Well, at least on the west side of the bay, perhaps things are different
in Berkeley :-)   If I were an off-road-lets-grab-some-air kind of guy
I'd get the wire wheels.   Or if they were a bit cheaper as I do think
they look better.   But at $500+ I decided the alloy wheels are fine.
And probably easier to clean, too :-)