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RE: Spark Plugs

It seems that at this point the Autolites are pretty well proven, a lot
of people have been using them for a long time without problems.  I
think another consideration on Lentini's bike is that it really was a
test bed for a lot of different research on how these bikes worked and
how they can be improved.  The guy experimented for years in his quest
for the perfect running oilhead. I think of him often, he was great guy.
And I know my bike runs better due to his work.

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The other favorite for Oilheads is Bosch 4418.   My 1100 and 1150 both
considerably smoother after installing them.

Cold starts suffer a tiny bit, I think because the temperature of the
4418 is about half a heat colder than stock, but they're terrific
otherwise and great
for long trips, slugging in traffic in the heat etc.   About $5 at NAPA.

They are the 4 conductor platinum plugs used on a lot of German cars.
the Autolights, they're not any closer to the piston than stock plugs.

Remember, the late Bob Lenconi eventually fried pistons at a bit less
than 100K on his RS after all his engine mods.  He used Autolights but
advanced his timing and used mid grade gas almost exclusively.   I think
problems were caused by the combination of all these things.

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