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Re: Spark Plugs

>  The guy experimented for years in his quest
>for the perfect running oilhead. I think of him often, he was great guy.
>And I know my bike runs better due to his work.

Yes, many benefited from Rob's work and it didn't go unnoticed by BMW

I have attained my quest for the perfect running oilhead - I purchased
one of the last new R1100S's last week.

I casually asked my dealer about the availability and he explained the
situation.  Evidently, BMW built a batch of 15 at the end of the
production run last summer.  Most dealers do not have them, as they do
not want to get stuck with the new models coming out.    I had him
order me a Phoenix Grey one that I picked up the Saturday of Memorial
Day weekend.  :-)



Wayne Woodruff