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Re: Spark Plugs; report on BKR 7 EIX (8)

 which spark plugs did he use finally???
Bob Silas
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  From: Steve Makohin 
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  Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 4:09 PM
  Subject: Re: Spark Plugs; report on BKR 7 EIX (8)

  Hello Ben,

  Ben Barkow wrote <dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx>

  > Multiple-electrode spark plugs...I'd recommend the Autolite
  > plugs or maybe the trick platinums or  iridiums. But for sure,
  > not multi-electrode plugs.

  I am NOT a mechanic nor an engine tuner. The following info was conveyed to 
  me by someone who is a mechanic, and more importantly, who is a skilled 
  engine tuner (John Parker of Budd's BMW, and of John Parker Racing fame).

  When my '00 and '01 R1100S surged, John explained the following to me:

   o Oilheads are tuned to run lean

   o A centralized spark in *logically* the ideal location

   o Similar issues have been noted in the F series (surging, rough running)

   o In many cases, proper tuning will resolve the issue, but it will
      return as the bike goes out of tune.

   o He has had great success with non-stock spark plugs, specifically...

   o Spark plugs with a projected tip place the ignition source a little
      deeper into the cylinder, and in many cases, this little difference
      can make all the difference in the world.

   o Additionally, Parker experimented with heat ranges and found...

   o There is no "magic bullet" for Oilheads surging and rough running.
      Different models may behave differently, and a solution that works
      for one bike, may not work that well for an apparent twin (same
      model, same year) because of a host of minor variations (such as
      an 02 sensor sending a signal that's a few milivolts off from its
      "twin", etc) that add up to a significant difference.

   o If you're patient, resourceful, skilled, and you have time on
      your hands, then by all means, experiment and have fun. But for guys
      like me, John Parker's "fix" for my bike was well worth it. I believe
      it was something like CAD$130 for the labor, leaving the bike
      with him for the day to experiment with it, and CAD$9 for the
      two spark plugs (cheaper than BMW parts).

  -Steve Makohin
   '01 R1100S/ABS
   Oakville, Ontario, Canada