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Re: Spark Plugs; report on BKR 7 EIX (8)


Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> which spark plugs did he use finally?

I don't remember. I didn't make a point of memorizing the part since John 
stressed to me (me paraphrasing his words) "If you decide to tell the world 
about it on the Internet, make sure you DON'T tell them that John Parker 
says these plugs cure surging, because they don't. Every bike is a bit 
different, so the plugs that worked wonders on your bike may not do anything 
for another S, or another R."

Shortly after I got the work done, I did get the plugs' part number and 
provided it to a list member offline (with the same warning), and promptly 
forgot it.. If that person remembers the part, please tell.


 -Steve Makohin
  '01 R1100S/ABS
  Oakville, Ontario, Canada