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Re: Spark Plugs; report on BKR 7 EIX (8)

Steve -"Steve Makohin" <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> - wrote

>I don't remember. I didn't make a point of memorizing the part since John 
>stressed to me (me paraphrasing his words) "If you decide to tell the world 
>about it on the Internet, make sure you DON'T tell them that John Parker 
>says these plugs cure surging, because they don't. Every bike is a bit 
>different, so the plugs that worked wonders on your bike may not do anything 
>for another S, or another R."

2001 R1150GS - Champion RC9YC works terrific for smoothness, starting and mileage in mine.

Joe Zack
Atwater, Ca.