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RE: Spark Plugs and other stuff.

Bob writes provocotive stuff and then concludes "I don't want to start a
thread"  :))

Bob, I understand your bike has done a good milage (kilage?) but just need
to ask a couple:

Was the balljoint job preventative maintenance or some other reason?

Same question for the final drive bearing?  What oil were you using if, in
fact, it may have failed?

When I first saw the "new" Telelever suspension I thought to myself that, at
last, a lifetime steering suspension system due to the low loading on the
widely spaced components with of course the added anti-dive bonus.

I recently placed the RT filter outside.  Ended up putting it under the seat
and then circumnavigating the engine with the return pipe and back to the
connection area via the (considerable) space below the alternator.

Kind regards.

Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~77k.km
'01 R1100RT ~57k.km

> Steve and Mick,
> Thanks for your replies.
> Since so many of you are using other than "BMW spark plugs", in
> future I will try some of the ones mentioned lately.  So far I
> used plugs recommended by BMW.
> My '94 RS has 166,000 km.  I always use factory parts even if
> they are more expensive; this refers to spark plugs too.  I don't
> baby my bike, clean it once or twice a season, but I keep it
> serviced more often than BMW recommends it. Oil change every 5,000 km.
> After 165,000 km I changed top and bottom ball joints in the
> front, the large bearing in the final drive, complete clutch,
> control cables, etc., however all that was not yet necessary to
> do. I am not anal about my bike! it's here to serve me with
> transportation and the pleasure of it.  I don't know what surging
> is, never noticed it.
> I rode across the country three times, so far without any
> trouble, except in the beginning, at 15,000 km when I was
> stranded because of a busted fuel filter. Since then my fuel
> filter is outside the tank as the late Rob Lentini suggested.
> I think I have to give credit to those engineers who designed the
> bike.  With the exception of the location of the fuel filter, the
> many modifications I did to the bike were for personal comfort
> and liking only.
> Of course no bike will ever be perfect, but to suit me I cannot
> think of another one.  The bit harder starting and the vibration
> at 4,000 rpm, by now, I am used to.  I have an extra smooth K75s,
> yet I prefer the RS.  We wanted boxers, so we got them.  BMW
> tried to get out of  the BOXER ENGINE but people like it, so they
> make it.
> My point is that as long as the bike runs reasonably well there
> is no need for fixing it, just ride it.
> Bob Silas, Montreal
> PS: I don't want to start a thread.
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>   >which spark plugs did he use finally???
>   >Bob Silas
>   Bob,
>      I've been very happy with the Bosch FR7DCX single electrode plugs
>   I'm running in my R1100RT.  Change 'em once a year.  These are the
>   same plugs I use in my wife's Z3 2.8
>      I like the fact that they are NOT long life platinum.  I
> found that if I
>   left the original platinum's in my wife's engine for the recommended
>   60K miles, they were very tight in the head.  I'd rather replace the
>   shorter life copper core DCX's every year that fight stripped threads.
>   Mick
>   Tucson