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Re: Spark Plugs and other stuff.

You wrote:
I understand your bike has done a good milage (kilage?) 
166,000 km, just over 100,000 miles.  
With the exception of the fuel filter, all parts I have changed were for preventative maintenance.

Was the balljoint job preventative maintenance or some other reason?
The lower ball joint receives most part of all forces.  If this one piece fails, breaks, I am gone.  BMW suggest to change the ball joint at 120,000 km.

Same question for the final drive bearing?  What oil were you using if, in
fact, it may have failed?
It wasn't for the oil.  My friend has a GS and while on a short trip his rear wheel skidded sideways at a very slight braking, he almost lost the bike.  When he stopped he noticed that the rear wheel is soaked in oil.  We changed the bearing and seal at my place and this is what happened:
The cage which holds the 19 balls in place in the large roller bearing broke, cut the seal and let the oil escape from the final drive.
I had at least 50% more milage at that point and I figured better change bearing and seal, which I did.  The bearing which I replaced was in perfect shape.

When I first saw the "new" Telelever suspension I thought to myself that, at
last, a lifetime steering suspension system due to the low loading on the
widely spaced components 
All that load is mostly concentrated in the lower ball joint.

I recently placed the RT filter outside.  Ended up putting it under the seat
and then circumnavigating the engine with the return pipe and back to the
connection area via the (considerable) space below the alternator.
I am not familiat with the RT.  I have the filter on the right side of the engine, the same way as Lentini's picture showed.  In addition to Lentini's solution I made a cover over the filter, just in case there is a gas leak.
If you'd like I can send you a picture of it but I cannot send pictures on the list. 
Bob Silas