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Re: [BMWMc] Re: Requesting GSP Waypoints for BMW bike repair shops

Oh. Sorry. I was speaking of the new Nav II Plus...a 2610.
Jack Hawley

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>Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:45:30 -0400
>From: "Steve Makohin" <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  
>Subject: Re: [BMWMc] Re: Requesting GSP Waypoints for BMW 
bike repair shops  
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>Jack Hawley c-hawley@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>*This is an ill-disguised jab at BMW motorcycle GPSes,
>>> which are standard
>>> Garmin GPSes with the addition of BMW dealer waypoint. 
>>> and a roundel!
>> And a cradle with big buttons and a 2GB memory card loaded
>> with USA and Canada and a bracketry specific for your 
>That's a negative. My StreetPilot III (now discontinued) 
has a 256 MB memory 
>limit. When it was selling, and BMW's counterpart was too, 
The StreetPilot 
>III Deluxe was shipping with Canada and USA DCA unlock 
codes, and with 128 
>MB of RAM (see Garmin's StreetPilot III Deluxe literature). 
I *believe* 
>BMW's branded unit was the same in this regard. To the best 
of my knowledge, 
>BMW's mount was designed for an RT, so it didn't fit my 
R1100S (other many 
>other BMWs), and the BBB (Big Button Box), though a nice 
idea, was a 
>solution to a problem than for the most part, didn't exist -
- - I have had no 
>issues operating the StreetPilot III using the tiny 
buttons, even with 
>gloved hands. All things considered, the BMW-branded GPS 
was a suboptimal 
>value, but then again, BMW does not claim to deliver "the 
biggest bang for 
>the buck."
>All my observations and statements pertain only to my 
Garmin StreetPilot III 
>and the equivalent BMW-branded GPS.
>-Steve Makohin
> '01 R1100S/ABS
> Oakville, Ontario, Canada 
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