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Re: Spark plugs

There's that Tom Brown in gutter again.

1. I never said the Autolites were special.... not for $1.99 (Tom 
accuses me of being a moron by crediting me with something I didn't 
say). Indeed my belief, if incoherently written before, is that it 
prolly makes little difference what plug you use provided it has one 
electrode, right heat range, and projected tip, with carved electrodes 
as found in precious metal plugs a further benefit.

2. I think we can all do without you posting stupid patronizing crap 
like "In the end we (and that includes you, Ben) don't really know why 
things work." Not too helpful, Tom, eh?

I'm going riding


On 2005 Jun  10 , at 4:47 AM, oilheads-digest wrote:

> The fact that they have 4 conductors may or may not have anything to 
> do with
> why they work well in 1100 and 1150 engines.   I'm not hung up on 
> conductors,
> but I won't not recommend something just because it happens to have 1 
> or 2 or
> 3 or 4 conductors.  If it works, it works.
> In the end, we (and that includes you, Ben) don't really know why 
> things work.
> We know only that they do or don't work.   The fact that you don't 
> know that
> the Autolites are standard, single electrode plugs tells me that you're
> theorizing heavily here.
> The only issue I have with these Autolight plugs is that they're 
> difficult to
> find nowadays and they're longer than the stock plugs which puts the 
> end of
> the plug really close to the piston.   I don't know if this is a 
> problem or
> not.