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Re: Z6's

It depends how long of a trip are you planning for.
On my first trip I left with Z4s having 4,000 km on the set.
Montreal-Vancouver Island-Portland (Oregon)-Montana-Toledo, was the place where I ran out of rear tire. It was difficult to find 18" tire, finally we found a BT which cost US $212 + 45 installation, which, at that time was the price of a set of brand new tire in Canada. On top of all we lost over a half of a day.  That trip was 13,000 km in 18 days.

Since then, I keep a set of brand new BT-020 tires at home, and just recently I even keep them mounted on spare wheels, which enables me to go for a long trip on a very short notice.

For any trip longer than 5,000 miles I'd use brand new tires.
Bob Silas, Montreal
'94 R1100RS

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  I'm planning for my summer trips and am trying to figure when to replace
  my Z6's so I don't have to do it on the road.  They have about 3500
  miles on them and presently look pretty good.  Anybody have any insight
  into how long these tires generally last?  Z6's have a tread that is
  unique to me in that there are no grooves that cross the center of the
  tire.  Consequently it is difficult to know how much wear has occurred.


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