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Re: Nail catching curtain; vintage meet

In a message dated 6/17/05 10:36:31 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Now I want to figure out how  to make a nail-blocking curtain somewhere  
between the front tire and  the rear tire. Maybe added to the  
shock-protector thingy (the way  Wunderlich create their megadollar  
carbon fiber protector) or screwed  just below into the swingarm   

Make a flap that hangs from the  centerstand crossbar. Don't have a 
centerstand? use the bosses to mount a piece  of  steel to mount a flap. 

The flap idea is an  old Harley rider's thing. I never bought into it at all. 
In fact, the guys who  have them usually still get flats. I think it's 
because they ride on the  untravelled pavement. If you keep to the car tire track, 
the cars will pick up  all the nails for you.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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