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more fun/mile

I took delivery of my R12GS yesterday.   So far I've onlly about 150 miles
on the bike.   The early verdict is that the GS has many more fun units/mile
than the RT I had previously.   I *like* this bike!

It's not perfect, but then, what is?  The nits I would pick are all small
and relativly unimportant.   Well, mostly small and unimportant.   The one
thing I *must* change is the tool kit, or should I say the lack of same.
The on bike tool kit consists of everything you need to 

 * adjust your front shock
 * adjust the mirrors

That's it.   There is not enough in there to pull a wheel, for example.
I've had to pull a wheel to get home in the past...


I guess I'll do the job in my garage, noting what tools I need, and then
buy what I need and add those to the existing tool kit.   Or, given the
lack of room, add an aux tool kit.   I've already added a bag to the empty
space under the rear rack where I store a patch kit, for example.

My 600 mile service isn't until Jul 1.   Guess I'll have to ration the
miles for the next 2 weeks :-)

// marc


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